New Starker Forests Closures

Feb. 24, 2024

With visitor safety being the key factor, Starker Forests will implement a Monday-Friday recreation closure of its Alder Creek Tree Farm beginning at the end of March and lasting into May 2024. The Alder Creek Tree Farm is located immediately west of the OSU McDonald Forest and northwest of Oak Creek Road.


We realize this is not what recreation users want to hear, and that it will greatly impact some users. The Alder Creek Tree Farm will be open to recreation use on weekends, including for the McDonald Forest 50K on May 4th. Exact dates for the closure will be announced so that we can leave the forest open for recreation as long as possible and there will be signage posted onsite.


The upcoming timber harvest involves cable logging operations with multiple moving hazards, including heavy equipment, moving cables, logs that are swung, dragged, dropped, and dislodged on steep slopes and log trucks hauling over narrow forest roads with limited sight distance.


We know there are roads and trails that could be used without going near the harvest or the haul route and we discussed various options. It is beyond the scope of our team, including the onsite logging contractors, to provide the level of communication reinforcement we know is necessary to ensure against negative and unsafe interactions and so we decided against a partial closure. We value the community's understanding and patience in allowing us to get our work done in a safe manner.


Recreation permittees are encouraged to visit our other forest properties near Soap Creek, Philomath, and Blodgett during this time. Remember, permits are required to be on Starker Forests property. Free permits are available by coming to our office Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM, located at 7240 SW Philomath Blvd., Corvallis. Questions? Call our office at 541-929-2477.