Timber Bells Discount Program

Jan. 11, 2024

"We’ve all been there. You are on your bike, loving life, riding through some of the most pristine countryside in your area on shared-use trails. You’re cruising, crushing dirt in true mountain bike fashion. Then you come up behind a hiker, a bird-watcher, or another person also out there on the trail, also loving life, and usually moving at a slower pace. You start to sputter, “Oh, hi! Uh… On your left!” You grab the brakes. Sometimes they hear you right away and jump to the side. Sometimes you startle them as you ride around, or you slow and wait. And then, the glare: a moment of miscommunication and reaction that for sensitive mountain bikers is both embarrassing and frustrating. The result: you feel bad. All the smiles you can share don’t quite get the “dang, I totally freaked that person out,” out of your head. Most of us have been both people in this scenario: the biker and the hiker. It doesn’t feel super great to be on either side."


"This is especially relevant for riders in the Corvallis area.  The trails in the OSU McDonald Dunn forest and at Mary's peak are designated as multi-user, as are some of the trails at Alsea Falls.  Be kind to your fellow trail users by using a Timber Bell to let them know you are coming." - Katie Noelke at IMDA (https://www.imba.com/blog/rad-tools-responsible-riding-story-about-bell)


Team Dirt is passing on our discount, allowing you to purchase a Timber MTB Bell at a 20% discount.  Even better, Timber MTB Bells will make a donation to Team Dirt for each bell purchased!

To get your bell, go to https://mtbbell.com/collections/mountain-bike-bells/products/model-yew-quick-release-mountain-bike-bell

Use the discount code TEAMDIRT20 to get 20% off !