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Corvallis Pump Track

On December 18th, Team Dirt got approval from the  City of Corvallis Parks and Recreational Board  to privately fund a pump track to be installed in one of the parks.  Now it is our turn to raise the funds for our dream!

It is our goal to to purchase and install the first all-weather pump track in Oregon by this summer.  Click here to donate:

Olimometer 2.52

Or you can send your tax deductible donation for the Corvallis Pump Track Fund to:

Scott Carroll
630 NW 32nd St
Corvallis OR 97330

Make you check payable to “Team Dirt” and note in the comment line at the bottom of the check “Corvallis pump Track Fund”

What is a pump track?

A pump track is a series of mounds (rollers) and banked corners (berms) which a cyclist navigates using a pumping motion.  Think of it as a person-powered roller coaster.  The video below produced by the company which makes the track probably best describes what we want to see in our town.

We need your help to raise money.
Pump tracks provide the following benefits:

  • Serve as a recreation destination and year round parks attribute for the community;
  • Enhance livability for the community;
  • Provide an opportunity for young and older cyclists, skate boarders, and scooter riders  to develop skills and fitness;
  • Provide a unique opportunity for children and adults to spend time together outside; and
  • Provide a year round venue that encourages exercise and community.

The more we raise, the more deluxe track we will buy, they start at the Speed Ring for $35K, then the  Triple Threat for $42K, and the Sidewinder for $67K.  The tracks are modular, can be expanded and reconfigured on demand with two people and a few simple tools.


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