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Team Dirt, a Chapter of IMBA, is dedicated to stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use, and purpose built trails, to the preservation of mountain biking access through advocacy and education, and to the promotion of responsible trail use. Team Dirt is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that works in conjunction with the BLM, Starker Forests, OSU College of Forestry, the USFS and other land managers to build and maintain trails throughout Benton County.

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IMBA - Team Dirt Selected for Dig In! Campaign

Updated: 10/28/2017 9:00:00 PM

Team Dirt recently applied for and was selected as a participant in IMBA's (International Mountain Biking Association) Dig In Grant campaign. Excitingly, we are the only mountain bike group in Oregon. This opportunity will help to raise funds for Phase II of the No Secret trail!

This grant is similar to a crowdfunding campaign. IMBA has provided an online promotional platform for the next two months (until Dec. 31). IMBA will promote our next trail plan nationally and it is up to us to do the same thing locally. Team Dirt will be working hard to get the word out.

Please Donate: HERE.

Team Dirt and OSURF have been working in tandem to build the first mountain bike-specific trail in the research forest. “No Secret” is 1.6 miles long and is an intermediate-level trail. Team Dirt’s plan is to extend the No Secret trail and ultimately develop a sanctioned, dedicated trail system geared toward enrichment of the local mountain biking community.

Team Dirt Selected for Santa Cruz's Oregon Trail Tax!

Updated: 09/07/2017 11:00:00 AM

Check out the article from BikeMag for the full details and the press release from Santa Cruz.

Any Santa Cruz or Juliana bike bought for the remainder of 2017, Santa Cruz will match the $15 bike tax and put that money into three different trail advocacy groups around the state – the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA), the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA), and Team Dirt.

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Individual Donations

Financial donations are used to purchase essential tools, safety equipment, volunteer day food, and insurance.