Corvallis Advocacy Report, August 2014

Martin Luther King Park

A grant proposal to improve the pavilion and children’s playground area was submitted by Parks and Rec staff.  This grant was not approved.  The grant application did not include a new pump track near the existing playground area, improvements to the existing trails, bike skills features within the park, and new purpose built trail extension within the park as we had hoped for. However these concepts were well liked by city staff if we could find another way to fund them.  We do have permission to move forward with a new trail reroute on the north end of the park following city protocol and trail standards.
Next steps for the north end trail improvements would be
• a site meeting with interested parties to go over conceptual ideas (TD) We could use a team leader on this one.
• another site meeting with city staff to go over the concept and approval process (TD and City Staff)
• a series of work parties to make it happen (TD)

 Village Green Park

The site is being examined for a new bike park and trail network.
Next steps are:
• the development of conceptual plans and cost information (TD)
• research existing master plan for park for possible update to include concept park (City Staff)
• presentation to parks board concept plan (TD)

Corvallis BMX Park

Improvements to the park to bring it back to its former state as a viable BMX track are being examined.
Next steps are:
• Further research and study on plans and permit issues involved with track improvements which would include mechanized equipment (City Staff)
• Continued work parties to improve the park (TD)

Chip Ross Park

Improvements to the existing trail network and possible new purpose built trails are being studied. The existing park does not currently have a master plan which may need to happen prior to any extensive trail development on the north side of the park which has a lot of potential for really interesting side hill type trails. However, we can go forward with some selective reroutes of the existing trails to improve them.

Next steps are:
• Establish a park master plan which would include more purpose built trails in the park including development of the north side of the park (City Staff)
• A site meeting with interested parties on possible reroutes of some of the existing trails to go over conceptual ideas (TD)
• Followed by a site meeting with city staff to go over proposed concept trail reroutes (TD and City Staff)
• A series of work parties to make it happen (TD)

Concept Model of Pump Track at MLK Park

We are working with DEVCO Engineering, Inc., a local civil engineering firm, to put together some 3-D models for pump tracks at various sites.   DEVCO is generously donating their time to make these.  The models are the tremendous help in further plan development.

These mock-ups are for a concept pump track at MLK.  They are preliminary but do show we could have a rather large track at that site.  This particular track is designed to be beginner friendly with no rollers over 2 feet high and lots of small 1 foot rollers.

MLK Pump Track_1 MLK Pump Track_2 MLK Pump Track_3

If you are interested in helping, please contact We need people interested in the planning process, fund-raising, manual labor for building, donations of equipment and materials, and design work.

Team Dirt at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market

On July 19th, some folks from Team Dirt staffed a booth at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market.  We were there to hand out helmets (purchased by a generous grant from Samaritan Health) to kids so that they had that critical piece of safety equipment.  We also spread the word about Team Dirt – talking about our activities at Alsea Falls and within Corvallis.

The event was quite successful.  We met over 200 people and handed out all 80 helmets!

We got a couple donations, and a promise of a substantial donation (details to come soon) to help kickstart the pump track project!

We will be at the market two more times this year, August 9th, and September 13th.  On the 9th we will be offering basic bike adjustments, and on the 13th we should have more helmets to hand out.

Stop by and say, “hi”!



Giant Bicycle, Bike N Hike Demo Day, Alsea Falls, Sunday, August 17, 2014

Giant Demo Day Aug 17


Join Team Dirt, Giant Bicycles and Bike N Hike Corvallis on August 17th 10:00-4:00 for Demo bike rides on the Alsea Falls trail system. For more information contact:

Bike N Hike, 401 SW Third St, Corvallis, OR 97333. (541)753-2912  or

Giant bicycles and Bike N Hike have made a cash donation to help with the ongoing efforts of Team Dirt and proceeds will go directly back into the efforts at Alsea Falls. Thanks Giant, Bike N Hike and BLM for their continued support of this trail system!

This is an awesome hub for both mountain biking and road bike, so tell you road friends about the demo!

Here is a tentative list of 2015 demo Mountain and Road bikes available for use:

-       Trance 27.5s                                                                                                  -       Anthem SX 27.5                                                                                            -       Reign 27.5s                                                                                                          -       Glory 27.5                                                                                                          -       XTC 27.5                                                                                                                      -       Lust                                                                                                                          -       Intrigue                                                                                                             -       Obsess                                                                                                                   -       Defy and Avail disk brake road bike                                                   -       Propel                                                                                                                                   -       Revolt                                                                                                                         -       TCX, Brava                                                                                                              -       And more


Tuesday, August 12, 5:00-8:00pm, Women’s No-drop Bike Ride and Demo, Giant Bicycles, Alsea Falls

liv Demo-page-001

Click on image for full resolution image and details

Giant bicycles and Bike N Hike have made a cash donation to help with the ongoing efforts of Team Dirt and proceeds will go directly back into the efforts at Alsea Falls. Thanks Giant, Bike N Hike and BLM for their continued support of this trail system!

Brought to you by Giant Bicycles and Bike N Hike in Corvallis. Please contact them with questions regarding the event and to reserve a demo bicycle to ride during the evening.

Bike N Hike                                                                                                                           401 SW Third St                                                                                                           Corvallis, Or 97333                                                                                                          541-753-2912                                                                             

Kat Sweet Skills Clinic October 4th/5th 2014

Sweetlines Shred Session-Alsea Falls

Take your mountain slaying skills to the next level! This class is perfect for new and experienced mountain bikers interested in building confidence by turning fear into fun on the trail!

Date: October 4th & 5th

Saturday – co-ed

Sunday – ladies only

Time: 10am-4pm\

Location: Fall Creek Access road, Alsea, Oregon 97324, Across from Alsea fall campground

Cost: $115

Max: 12 students (1:6 ratio of coaches to students); 2 coaches each day

Ages: 16 and older

Levels: intermediate to advanced (must have a minimum of one year of riding experience)

Skills: body position, flowy berms, jumps, drops, line selection, and on-trail tech training

Prerequisite: must have a year of mountain bike experience and be ready to catch some air!

Registration Link:

Kat Sweet is a ICP Level 3 Coach from IMBA with 10 years of teaching experience.

A portion of proceeds are benefitting BLM trail system budget and Team Dirt chapter efforts on the trail.

Contact: Kat Sweet


“Ride Like You Can”

Check out Kat’s website here for more info regarding on bike coaching

Alsea Falls was mentioned in Bend Bulletin

We were mentioned in the Bend Bulletin a few days ago.  It’s good to see the news continue to spread.  It begins with a sort of back-handed compliment of the area, but is very complimentary overall:

ALSEA — The thing that struck me during a ride through Alsea Falls Trails System was how engineers had conjured something unique, maybe even beautiful, from an uninspiring canvas.

You can read the full article here. (a cached copy can be found here)