Team Dirt’s members are active trail builders in Benton County and within the Mid-Willamette valley. Integral to our mission is to help provide advocacy and access to mountain bike trail systems in our area. Currently, we have operating agreements or ongoing conversations for future trail work assistance by our participating members with a list of land managers. These entities include: Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, City of Corvallis, Starker Forests and Oregon State University.

A compelling reason to trail build is that, anyone who is willing to give back to the sport and increase opportunities to ride, can. Now more than ever, land managers are relying on the expertise and horsepower of IMBA chapters to help guide them through the needs and requirements of trail layout, design, implementation, and maintenance.

All individuals who are interested in trail building receive knowledge and training from fellow mountain bikers who have learned from IMBA trail schools, and individuals who are seasoned trail builders. These trail builders are supported by volunteers who help to make build days fun and successful. If you are nervous that you may have little to offer the trail crew, do not feel intimidated; everyone started with no experience at some point. Team Dirt has quickly added up over 1800 hours of trail building in very few months during the 2013-14 trail building season. Most of the workforce were first time trail crew in 2013.

The variety of tasks that a typical trail builder will do includes: clearing trail corridor, organic layer removal, trail drainage, trail tread placement, jump/ berm building or sculpting, trail cleaning, trail repair, re-vegetating peripheral trail area after trail emplacement, and many other fun and exciting tasks that make trail development a reality.

If you are unable to perform labor such as trail building, we can always use volunteers to help with trail day volunteer sign up, flipping burgers, communicating between trail crews, clipping branches, moral support, etc.

Please take the time to help build the access and availability of current and newly developing trail opportunities. When you take the time to build a trail you can express how you like to ride and share your love of mountain biking with thousands of riders. Thanks!

Official trail building days can be found on our Calendar, and you can always email with any questions.

There is also the obligatory waiver you’ll need to sign before doing work.