It’s well known that Corvallis is a great place to bike.  In addition to having miles of bike lanes and trails to get around town, there are some nice, short, trails that can be used for mountain biking.

Avery Park has a little trail, called the Wildflower Trail, that skirts the park’s boundary.  It is short and pretty flat – a great introduction for kids learning to mountain bike.  Willamette Park also has a series of unofficial trails that skirt the park’s boundary, which are flat and a great place to begin riding off-road.

Bald Hill is a popular place to walk and bike.  It is at the end of the Midge Cramer path (which goes from OSU campus west to Bald Hill).  The trails on the hill are open seasonally to biking, and offers some twisty and narrow single track (about 1.5 miles total).  It is popular, so be aware of hikers, dogs, and equestrians.

Witham Hill natural area is tucked away at the end of a dead-end road in the middle of Corvallis, and offers nearly a mile of relatively unused trail.  It is open seasonally to mountain biking.

Chip Ross Park itself offers a mile of relatively steep gravel road and trails, and also serves as an entrance point to the trails in the OSU forest.

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