Blodgett is little town, just west of Corvallis on HWY 34.  Starker Forests manages a large amount of forest – among which is some forest that is sandwiched between the north side of Mary’s Peak and the town of Blodgett.

The trails in Blodgett have been used for years for cross-country races: the Test of Endurance, the Mudslinger, and more recently some running races.  All you need to do to access the trails is to pick up a free permit from Starker Forests (good for a calendar year) and get out and ride.

The map below has two tracks – one is the Test of Endurance loop – which covers most of the singletrack trails in the forest.

There’s also a shorter loop for Panama Canal here (which has recently had some changes – Panama Canal used to be singletrack and has been reverted to a full-on road.

Juicy Trails can be used to download interactive maps to your Android device for on-the-ride directions.