You can read a dedicated page for the history of our work at Alsea Falls.  And you can get information about how to help with trail work here.

This is the latest map for the Alsea Falls trail system.  You can download a map package for the Juicy Trails App as well – it contains the Alsea Falls trails.


Remember: Trail conditions on Benton County trails are very sensitive after periods of sustained or heavy rains.

General rules to follow:

    1. Do not ride during a rain storm
    2. If it has been raining for multiple days on end, do not attempt to ride until 2 days after it has stopped raining.
    3. If you notice that your tires are leaving ruts it is time to pack it up and head home
    4. If you are riding in wet weather conditions you should strongly consider volunteering regularly to repair, enhance, and to help build a legal trail system in your area.
    5. Update Alsea Falls trail conditions that are unfavorable, problem areas, or trail hazards to

Alsea Falls is slow to dry and our clay soil when saturated receives deep ruts which quickly turn into deep muddy puddles. Graveled, legal all-season trails are great options that can withstand the impact that natural tread surfaces cannot bear under adverse conditions. As mountain bikers it is your responsibility to respect trail conditions, your potential negative impact to trail tread and the hard work of land managers, trail volunteers and trail professionals. Anytime we are on a bike, we are representatives of the biking community.

Throughout this season we are evaluating Alsea Falls as a full season trail system. If significant trail damage is regularly sustained we will have to evaluate seasonal closures similar to other trail systems in Benton County. Thank you for your care and considerations and we hope to see you at a build day sometime very soon.


Quick Facts

      • Parking lot elevation-880 ft
      • Current elevation at top of trail system- 1820
      • Paved 3.5 mile road climb to the top of system: Average climb time 30-60 minutes
      • Total trail mileage- nearly 6 miles
      • Planned total trail mileage 12-20 miles depending on volunteers and trail usage
      • Total volunteer hour building trail 2013/14- 2000 hours

If you have any questions regarding Alsea Falls and/or trail building, contact