TeamDirt received this letter of very kind words from Adam Milnor and we would like to share it with everyone.


Seeing as I’m on my way out, I wanted to post a message to the good folks at Team Dirt. You can choose to post it or not!

My name is Adam Milnor and for the past 6 years, I’ve been lucky enough to work in a dream job. As an Outdoor Recreation Planner for the Bureau of Land Management’s Salem District, it’s been my “job” to make sure the 400,000+ acres of forest managed by our office goes to good use – by making sure people get outside and enjoy it.

Fortunately for me, mountain biking has been a big part of my work. I’ve spent more hours than I can count building and taking care of the Sandy Ridge Trail System near the base of Mount Hood. I became a rider in the process, and as a professional was amazed to see the pent up demand for top notch riding in western Oregon.

But in some ways, the Alsea Falls project has been more impressive. When I took over management of the project, a part of me was worried about its location and the amount BLM staffing available to support it. Would we be investing in a place that might not get the same kind of reaction from the community?

But look what’s happened – Team Dirt has stepped up in a big way, providing thousands of hours of volunteer labor and a daily drive to make the place what it can be. You guys – along with Jason and the rest of the team from IMBA – have built some incredibly fun trails. We’ve seen a massive rush in visitors, nearly 6,000 since we opened on the first day of summer. There’s been great media coverage and new people discovering the sport all the time. And all of it just simply wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated folks from Team Dirt (I’m especially looking at you Eric Emerson!). This project shows that if you want more positive things in this world, you just have to go out and make it happen.

At the end of the month I’m off to a new job with the BLM in Tucson, Arizona. The move is an exciting one, but like all things there’s a lot I will miss. Seeing Alsea Falls grow into a stellar trail system is near the top of the list. Best of luck and thanks for all your hard work!