2015 Spring Roll

The Corvallis Gazette Times wrote up a nice article on the Spring Roll event and our effort to get a pump track to town.  Here’s a sample:

The goal with a pump track is to ride your bike through it without pedaling, using only your initial momentum and shifts of your weight forward or back to carry you over the bumps and around the banked corners.

Of course, at the Corvallis Spring Roll, an annual bike event for kids held Sunday in Cloverland Park, most of the riders on the track peddled heavily throughout the short pump track set up at the event.


…“Bike safety and skill-building are things everyone needs to learn and practice, we just start early to teach and reinforce ideas and skills that contribute to kids’ confidence and positive experience on a bike,” [Kirstin Carroll, a member of Team Dirt] said.

You can read the entire article here or view a cached copy here.

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Corvallis Pump Track

Corvallis Pump Track

On December 18th, Team Dirt got approval from the  City of Corvallis Parks and Recreational Board  to privately fund a pump track to be installed in one of the parks.  Now it is our turn to raise the funds for our dream!

It is our goal to to purchase and install the first all-weather pump track in Oregon by this summer.  Click here to donate:

Olimometer 2.52Or you can send your tax deductible donation for the Corvallis Pump Track Fund to:
Team Dirt PMB #242 922 NW Circle Blvd,Ste 160Corvallis, OR 97330-1483
Make you check payable to “Team Dirt” and note in the comment line at the bottom of the check “Corvallis pump Track Fund”

What is a pump track?

A pump track is a series of mounds (rollers) and banked corners (berms) which a cyclist navigates using a pumping motion.  Think of it as a person-powered roller coaster.  The video below produced by the company which makes the track probably best describes what we want to see in our town.

We need your help to raise money.
Pump tracks provide the following benefits:

  • Serve as a recreation destination and year round parks attribute for the community;
  • Enhance livability for the community;
  • Provide an opportunity for young and older cyclists, skate boarders, and scooter riders  to develop skills and fitness;
  • Provide a unique opportunity for children and adults to spend time together outside; and
  • Provide a year round venue that encourages exercise and community.

The more we raise, the more deluxe track we will buy, they start at the Speed Ring for $35K, then the  Triple Threat for $42K, and the Sidewinder for $67K.  The tracks are modular, can be expanded and reconfigured on demand with two people and a few simple tools.


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Team Dirt Spring Calendar

Team Dirt Spring 2015 Flyer

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The Rogue Rider Approves

The Rogue Rider (Forrest Roth) at the Mail Tribune (in Medford Oregon) wrote a nice review of the trails at Alsea Falls.  The best quote was

If I wanted to get a beginner excited about mountain biking, this is the trail I would take them to. It’s fun and easy to ride again and again. I ended the day muddy and wet, but grinning.

Read the entire article at the Mail Tribune.  (cached copy)



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Kat Sweet Skills Clinic

Team Dirt invited Kat Sweet to come to Alsea Falls and lead two skills clinics for all interested.  Kat offered two classes, an all-comer’s on Saturday (October 4) and a women’s only clinic on Sunday.  The larger, Saturday, class was assisted by Christy Ott.

The weather was perfect, and the trails were in great shape – having received some rain a few days before the weekend.

After some basic skills and drills in the campground area at the bottom (body position, bike separation, braking), we all shuttled up to the top for a couple more drills (cornering) and then attacked the trails.

On the way down, we stopped at several spots to focus on different aspects of riding.  At one early section of tight twisty turns with roots and a drop, we all got off the bike and looked at the line, then watched Kat and one of the guys experienced with the trail system go down.  Emboldened with the knowledge of the better line, we all tried it – with Kat giving advice as we rolled through it.  No spills at that point.

Shortly after, at a really big, bermed corner, Kat talked about options for this turn and then demonstrated it with Christy.  While you could rail the corner (lean with the bike), we were focusing on leaning the bike and not the body.  We all then took turns, regrouping at the bottom of Highballer.

While riding down the trail, Kat and Christy would alternate riding behind different people, and having different people follow them.  Getting on-the-trail and on-the-fly feedback really helped people make changes to their riding style.

This pattern continued down the rest of the trail on Springboard.

We then had lunch, practiced some drills lifting the front/rear/entire bike, and shuttled up for another run down the trails.  The big skill we worked on was jumping, taking a couple runs at a small jump – which was a bit intimidating for a number of us who didn’t regularly ride with flats.

Kat prefers people do her classes riding with flats, because it helps teach good habits (instead of relying on clipless pedals to hold you to the bike).  Using flats was definitely a new experience for a number of us (including yours truly), but nobody regretted it.

We finished up the class with a cookie circle – everyone sharing what they’d learned and their favorite part.  Many asked Kat when she’d be back to teach again.

From the photos, it looks as though the women’s class on Sunday had as much fun as the class on Saturday.

Kat Sweet Skills Clinic Kat Sweet Women's Skills Clinic

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Corvallis Car Free Festival

The 5th annual Car Free Festival was held on Sept 21st in downtown Corvallis.  Team Dirt participated in this event last year for the first time and was invited back to this year’s festival after an overwhelmingly positive response from participants.

car_free_photo_1Kids of all ages and skills were challenged to ride a bicycling skills course which included several different obstacles and a much loved teeter-totter.  Push bikes, training wheels and two wheeled bikes all rode the course, each time with increased confidence and excitement. 

car_free_photo_3Many thanks to Scott and Kirstin Carroll, who organized and led the bicycling skills course!

car_free_photo_2The Corvallis Gazette Times wrote an article about the festival, and Scott Carroll was quoted in it!  Read the article here. (cached copy)

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Gazette Times – Mountain bikers flock to Alsea Falls

The Corvallis GT has a nice article on the popularity of the Alsea Falls trail system.  Most notable facts: 4000 riders since the opening in July, and most riders appear to be coming from Eugene.

Read the entire article here. (cached copy)

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Team Dirt Fall 2014 Calender of events

Team Dirt Autumn 2014 Postcard-page-001


On 9/15 the shuttle day prices will go up from $30 plus fees to $35 plus fees until sales close on Thursday Sept 18.

On September 27th we will have our first Alsea Falls Build day and will work on the new flow trail below Springboard and/or the new XC climbing connector.

We still have some spots left in the Oct 5th, Women’s MTB skills clinic. Riders must have one year of experience. The class focuses on bike control, cornering, braking, jumping and will cater to the needs of the group. This is a great class by Kat Sweet and it will take you to a new level of safe, confident and fun!

Please check the calender for many more events on the horizon.

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